What is the Best Indica or Sativa for Anxiety and Depression?


What is the Best Indica or Sativa for Anxiety and Depression?

The most famous fact about marijuana is that it lightens the mood and makes a person laugh. And what can be the best weapon for defeating depression and anxiety, than laughter and the desire to enjoy life? Therefore, tens of thousands of people around the world choose exactly this way to fight stress and depression. This trend is understandable: the absolute majority of people prefer to use natural medicines where possible.

However, in order to treat depression and anxiety with cannabis successfully you must consider several important points. One of them is what type of cannabis (indica or sativa) is suitable in certain cases. We offer you a handy guide about choosing medical cannabis for depression and anxiety, in which we tried to reveal the topic in most informative and understandable way.

What is Anxiety And Depression?

Depression and anxiety – these two concepts are closely intertwined. Anxiety is one of the main symptoms of depression. Anxiety is characterized by constant fear and nervous tension. Often anxiety is particularly felt in specific conditions, but since one has a depression, it is almost always present with a barely perceptible, but extremely harmful for mental health background. Therefore, modern science emphasizes the anxiety of situational and anxiety as a personal characteristic of a particular person.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. The World Health Organization estimates that about 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and this number continues to increase every year. It is believed that by 2020, depression will become the second leading cause of disability in the world after coronary heart disease.

It is widely believed that depression is simply a change in mood and a pessimistic outlook on life. However, this is just a common misconception – in the absence of treatment, depression can turn into serious form, and in the worst case lead to suicide. Many tend to devalue the suffering of people in depression, but it is worth remembering that depression is a disease that needs to be treated. Sativa or indica for depression and anxiety is a good choice to start a new life without these pathologies.

Why Use Cannabis When Anxiety And Depression?

Since depression is a very common disease, the world’s pharmaceutical companies have long been engaged in developing and selling various medications that help fight this condition. The vast majority of them have a number of unpleasant side effects (addiction, the need to constantly increase the dose of medication, insomnia, nausea to name just a few), they are expensive and they are practically useless without appropriate therapy.

Cannabis copes with the symptoms which accompanies depression and anxiety. It is not toxic to the human body and with proper selection of the strain, dose and way of use it is able to have a significant healing effect on the body and mind. Today many people choice indica or sativa for anxiety and depression instead of Prozac or Xanax.

How Сannabis Works For Treating Anxiety And Depression?

Most likely you have heard the expression that stress kills. Many understand these words figuratively, but they have the most direct relation to reality. Stress is the main cause of most psychosomatic illnesses and mental disorders. Pathological health conditions lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of life. If you experience depression and anxiety, it means that your psyche has been in a state of stress for a long time. However, there is a substance in cannabis that can relieve unpleasant symptoms and breathe new life into you. This is the so-called CBD (cannabidiol). This substance showed that cannabis can be effective to treat depression and anxiety.

Scientists have been studying cannabis treatment for depression and anxiety for several years and the results show that CBD effects receptors in the central nervous system. This is one of 80 compounds, designated collectively as “cannabinoids.” CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, like THC, which causes euphoria by binding to the special receptors CB1 and CB2 in the brain. CBD does not bind to these receptors, so cannabidiol does not have any psychotropic effect on the mind.

The therapeutic effect of CBD for the treatment of anxiety and depression is based on the following elements:

5-HT1A agonist. CBD enhances 5-HT1A transmission and effects serotonin, which is very important in treating depression and anxiety.
Hippocampal neurogenesis. CBD helps hippocampus regenerate neurons and treat pathologies that lead to anxiety and depression.

How to Use Cannabis For Treat Anxiety And Depression?

In case you have access to cannabis grown and tested in the laboratory, the way of use does not play an important role. The main thing is that you can accurately calculate the dosage. If you are not sure about the genetics of cannabis flowers that you buy, there is another option – CBD cannabis oil. It has the basic properties that are needed to treat depression and anxiety.

CBD oil is legal in more than 40 countries and it is easy to handle with it. The liquid consistency is the most convenient for calculating the dosage. In addition, this oil contains pure CBD without THC, which excludes the appearance of a “high” effect if you are not sure of your reaction to this condition.

Microdosing of CBD/THC hybrids is another way to treat anxiety and depression. This method is relatively new, but clinical studies showed positive dynamics in treating patients with this mental disorders. Take 2-5 mg of pot for few days and than add more cannabis is needed. The way of use does not play any role.

And now let’s finally find out what are the best cannabis strains for depression and anxiety.

Indica vs. Sativa For Treat Anxiety And Depression

The choice of cannabis for the treatment of depression and anxiety is associated with some difficulties. The fact is that people react to the indiсa and sativa differently. It is generally accepted that for the treatment of anxiety and depression, it is best to use substances with a high content of CBD, that is, cannabis indica. It does not have a psychotropic effect on the mind, but it relaxes and reduces the level of accumulated stress. However, some people may face a paradox: cannabis with a high content of CBD prevents them from falling asleep. Although the fight against insomnia is one of the prescriptions of medical marijuana with a high content of CBD.

Since cannabis sativa has a “high” effect on the brain and body, it is rarely used to treat anxiety and depression. Nevertheless, there are people who are helped by cannabis sativa, as it raises the mood, fills with energy and awakens the desire for creativity. Agree, this is a good help to combat depression, which makes the patient sluggish and apathetic.

Therefore, it is fair to note that the most effective types of cannabis for the treatment of such pathologies are hybrids with a high content of CBD and low THC content. This allows to supplement and correct the therapeutic properties of the plant.

Best Cannabis Strains For Treat Anxiety And Depression

Chemdawg Sour Diesel – hybrid with a predominance of cannabis sativa, is obtained by crossing Chemdawg and Sour Diesel pots. The strain is characterized by a sharp pine smell. Smoking this hydride grants you cheerfulness and a positive mood. Those who suffer from anxiety should smoke Chemdawg Sour Diesel in small doses, since the flowers of the strain can cause a feeling of “untouchability”. In addition, this hybrid is suitable for creative people and helps to stay focused. The only drawback of the strain is dry mouth, which is easily eliminated by cool tea.
Fruit Loops – the flavor is as delicious as the name. The introduced Indica hybrid leaves a tropical sweet aftertaste in its mouth. The strain smells of grapefruit and blueberries. Hybrid plants are very powerful and bring moderate relaxation. This strain is suitable for those who are looking for inspiration and interesting conversations. Excellent for treating stress and anxiety, depressive condition.
Dr. Who is a strain that will make a consumer “soar in the clouds”. This is a powerful indica pot, breeded by Homegrown Natural Wonders. Strain contains up to 60% of indica and remarkably reduces stress, pain and increases appetite. Strain is not able to turn off the consumer, but will give “high” effect in the body and will make the mind free. You can smoke it regardless of the time of day.
Harlequin is one of the most popular and desired CBD strains nowadays. It has 5:2 CBD/THC ratio that makes it outstanding weapon against depression and anxiety. The only THC effect that can be obtained from the use of this strain is euphoria. This variety is great for any kind of activity.

How to Make a Right Choose For You?

The best way to make a right choose is trying cannabis with high content of CBD in microdoses. Just study your condition, decide what annoys you most (insomnia, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, apathy) and find strains according to this information.

Risks and Warnings

Before starting treatment with cannabis, consult a physician. It is best that you determine the dosage, strain of cannabis together. Regularly do the tests to observe the dynamics of changes in your condition. Do not consume more than 25 mg of cannabis at a time, if you are new to infused medicals.

In the case that depression or anxiety is slightly strengthened due to medical marijuana treatment, therapy should be stopped.

Sum Up

Medical cannabis helps millions of people fight depression and anxiety every day. Despite the fact that scientists have only begun to actively study this wonderful plant, today we can say that its potential is priceless. Humanity still has to do many stunning discoveries about cannabis in future, and the treatment of depression and anxiety is just the first of them.

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