Weed Wax vs Marijuana Shatter

marijuana wax

What is Weed Wax ?

Weed wax or Marijuana wax is a form of hash oil concentrate (or just “concentrate”) whhich is been produced via a process known as butane hash oil extraction.

Weed Wax Butane Extraction

Traditionally, marijuana buds are packed into tubes and pipe while butane which is commonly known as the lighter fluid is been forced through the contents. The forced butane then bonds with the thc in the buds and essentially pulls it from the plant.There after, the butane will be allowed to evaporate then resulting a concentrate in an oily substance aptly called butane hash oil.

What is Marijuana Shatter ?

Marijuana shatter unlike Wax is a translucent sometimes amber glass transparent concentrate with a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of extract that looks awful lot like rock candy or a Jolly Rancher.

Just like other concentrates produced using butane, it is produced by forcing the chemical through cannabis material to produce an amber liquid. Marijuana Shatter quality transparency results from the temperature used during the extraction process and finishing process.

The reason why marijuana shatter comes out perfectly is because of the molecules which was left undisturbed form a glass-like appearance.The heat, moisture, and high terpene contents do also affect the texture and turning oils into a runnier substance that looks like sap (hence the commonly used nickname “sap”). The Oils has a consistency that falls somewhere between glassy shatter and viscous sap and it is often referred to as “pull-and-snap.

Difference between Weed Wax and Marijuana Shatter

There’s actually no major difference. Both weed wax and marijuana shatter are BHO concentrates that has roughly the same THC potency. They’re both used for dabbing, and they both provide a very powerful and long-lasting high. The only real difference which can be mentioned or taken note of is in their appearance. Their appearance is merely different because of how the concentrate is produced.

Difference in use and storage between Weed Wax and Marijuana Shatter:

  • Marijuana shatter can be more likely difficult to produce.
  • Weed Wax can be relatively easier to produce
  • Shatter can be more stable and tends to last longer.
  • Wax has a relatively less stability and tends to degrade faster.
  • Shatter can be very hard to handle, to measure, and also to use because of its brittle nature.
  • Whereas Wax is usually very easy to handle, to measure, and also to use because of its coconut oil consistency.

How to use Weed Wax or Marijuana Shatter

Wax or Marijuana Shatter are both consumed using a dabbing rig. Dab rigs are basically modified bongs who’s bowls accommodates a dab nail instead of bud nugs.

Using a dab rig, all you need to do is inhale as much smoke which you possibly can. As above mentioned in this article, the hit generated from a dab rig is very more potent than your standard joint, blunt or vaporizer.

This is because the wax or shatter you burn in the dab rig are concentrated canna-goodness. There will be no plant matter molecules which will be left floating around waiting to be inhaled.There will be no impurities or additives left to get in the way.

All that will be left are the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes. It is therefore considered that it is this stuff that gives marijuana the psychedelic kick which makes us love it so much.

Which do you choose: Weed Wax or Marijuana Shatter

The most reliable or best way to make a choose for yourself is to try the weed wax and shatter.You can’t go wron because It’s marijuana after all. Plus you can also use it as a chill to “consume” more of your favorite strains.

You can state it as a science experiment. whether been bought or produced by yourself, concentrates (weed wax and marijuana shatters) can be an interesting addition to your marijuana arsenal. You’ll be needing some new equipment and will also need to learn how to use it, but that will be even half the fun.

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