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Weed Wax vs Marijuana Shatter

marijuana wax

What is Weed Wax ? Weed wax or Marijuana wax is a form of hash oil concentrate (or just “concentrate”) whhich is been produced via a process known as butane hash oil extraction. Weed Wax Butane Extraction Traditionally, marijuana buds are packed into tubes and pipe while butane which is commonly known as the lighter […]

Best Dab Wax Pens


Best Dabs Pens in 2018 Dabbing, i.e. vaping highly concentrated doses of cannabis oil, is the next level of vaping marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. But for vaping waxes, you need a special vaporizer known as a wax vaporizer. And those who want a more portable device, go for a wax pen aka wax vape pen […]

Best Weed Vape Pens


Best Weed Vape Pens Finding the best weed vape pen in 2018 is becoming increasingly difficult. The weed vape pen got to be portable, easy to use, and, preferably, affordable, and we still didn’t get to the whole flavor and vapor production issue. In fact, with so many devices flooding the market, keeping track of […]

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