Best 10 cannabis strains for sleep: Reviews

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Best 10 cannabis strains for sleep: Reviews

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days when our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out”- this song is a motive number one when you actually feel extremely tired, yet at the end of the day your anxiousness or just negative thoughts won’t let you go to the Land of Nod. Some people experience something that is called “hotel insomnia” – when you feel too terrible in the place you cannot accustom to, so all of your senses are strained and you count sheep till the alarm is supposed to wake you up. We have all been there. Sensing this kind of uncomfortable state is horrible, especially, when this state is recurrent.

So, what is insomnia?

Nowadays, insomnia is a rather frequent problem. Insomnia is also called sleep disturbance, which is characterized by insufficient duration or unsatisfactory sleep quality over a long time. It negatively affects health, mood and work activity. At the same time, it can turn into chronic state, and chronic insomnia can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, etc.
If in the case of changing the location, the body adapts itself, and mild insomnia passes, then protecting yourself from constant stress is practically impossible. Since insomnia is actually a consequence of constant stress, it is important to try to minimize the negative situations. Do not forget that the body cannot always handle stress independently and may need help. Some people try to use sleeping pills, but they cause addiction and badly affect the liver (it’s a fact). Some of the pills are made from herbs, so they are not dangerous, neither they are effective. Others try to watch Netflix, play some videogames to put themselves to sleep. But what if you have a problem with sleeping in general? What if you wake up after nightmares? This means that your nervous system is not working correctly. Ironically, weed, that is supposed to make you raving and enthusiastic, is capable to put you asleep as well. It is only important to detect “the right kush”. These are called medical cannabis strains for sleep.

Why use cannabis when feeling insomnia?

It turns out that kush is not only able to get rid of insomnia. Cannabis influences on the quality of sleep at several levels. This happens due to the fact that its active components – plant cannabinoids – are analogous to the chemical compounds present in the brain tissues. Strains of cannabis for sleep work better than any average sleeping pills for a number of obvious reasons. Here are some of them:

The science of sleep via cannabis

1. Smokers of cannabis throughout the world report that, with regular use, dreams are significantly reduced or completely disappear, but discontinuation of use return with astounding intensity. Apparently, the cause of this phenomenon is the effect of THC on fast sleep. If you want dreams to still exist, choose such a variety, in which there is a sufficient amount of CBD.
2. Sleep studies led to the conclusion that the use of THC (the main active substance of cannabis) reduces the duration and intensity of fast sleep, while increasing the duration of deep sleep. A 1975 study of the effect of THC on the nature of sleep found that the use of 210 mg of THC per day for two weeks resulted in a significant decrease in eye movements during the fast sleep phase and also decreased its duration somewhat. The same study showed a slight increase in the duration of deep sleep with admission of THC, but the effect was statistically insignificant.
3. Another relatively recent study (conducted in 2004) examined the effect of various doses of THC on the nature of sleep, including in combination with CBD (another important cannabis substance). Eight volunteers received either placebo or 15 mg of THC, or 5 mg of TGK and CBD, or 15 mg of THC and CBD in the form of oral spray. The cerebral activity of participants was studied with the help of an encephalogram. The researchers concluded that 15 mg of THC without CBD did not have a noticeable effect on night sleep, but the next morning the subjects felt more sleepy, unstable mood and worsened memory.

How to use cannabis for a good sleep

Before you actually go to sleep, smoke a light blunt or use some edibles. The second ones take more time do dissolve, but the effect will be longer. For the dose, you need some trial. There is no ultimate way to fall asleep after smoking weed. It takes some time and experience to find out your perfect dose.

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid

So what are the best marijuana strains for sleep?
Sorts of kush with sativa contribute to increased energy and brain activity. Hemp sativa is best for daytime smoking; it will actually cause the opposite affect when you are trying to fall asleep.
On contrary, sorts of kush with Indica provide a very strong relaxing effect, that helps in the treatment of general anxiety, chronic body aches, different disturbances of sleep. Indica is very productive for general relief of pain and is used to treat insomnia. Indica consumption occurs late in the evening or just before bedtime, because the effect of smoking causes strong relaxation, fatigue and drowsiness.
Hybrid will cause the effect of the dominant sort of maternal weed. If there is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, it will contribute to your sleepiness.

Best 10 cannabis strains for sleep:

So, what are the best cannabis strains for sleep and insomnia? First, they actually have different composure, and the effect might be different. Here are top cannabis strains for insomnia:

1. Tahoe OG Kush

This bad boy was made to get away from overflowing thoughts and make you feel relaxed. This is a hybrid of several sorts, which makes the composition even more sophisticated.

2. God’s Gift

I mean, the name speaks for itself. It will carry you away from all of your worries. The scent is pretty amazing. You can vape it or smoke it. The effect will be felt quite soon.

3. Northern Lights

This THC-infused weed is easily one of the best medical cannabis strain for sleep. It emerges you into deep relaxation and due to high content of active components, you feel sleepy and carefree.

4. 9 Pound Hammer

People call this type “best cannabis strains for sleep and insomnia” because it literally crushes your sleepiness like a hammer. Works better than any sleeping pill.

5. Bubba Kush

If you suffer from insomnia for too long, this pure Indica type of weed will float you into the world of dreams right away.

6. Vanilla Kush

This good indica-infused kush will amaze you with pleasant vanilla smell and the feeling of complete calmness, serenity and tranquility.

7. Blue Mystic

This indica-based weed is the best medical kush strain for sleep for beginners. It isn’t as overpowering as other ones, but the delivery will be definitely pleasant and immersing.
8. Watermelon
This weed will help you cope with insomnia, bonded with depression and feeling of strong anxiety. It is pleasant, fruity and also nice for people, who are not as into the weed,a s other customers.

9. LA Confidential

This hybrid is rather strong. It works good as for inspiration and feeling excited, so as for helping you fight insomnia and sleep deprivation.

10. Romulan

This indica-dominant weed was made to help you overcome insomnia, based on pain and even cramps, but without a strong psychedelic delivery.

How make the right choice for you?

Weed is very personal. Remember, if you are a person that suffers from anxiety or have an anxiety disorder, you should consult the physician before trying your very first Indica. Cannabis strains for sleeping and insomnia are surprisingly good and helpful, but you should read about the power of a strain in order to gain that perfect dosage before sleep.
So, what did we understand from that lesson? Weed has a high impact on our nervous system, so we should use it wisely and mind the dosage. But, it is obviously a nice way to cope with insomnia, get rid of annoying stress and get back to a normal sleeping habit. I hope you will find your favorite kush and be safe. Good night!

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